Diamond certification and Kimberly process

Published: 05th September 2011
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Diamond certificates are proof of authenticity and vouch for its purity. Everyone from retailer to miner needs to go through the authentication process, then only their diamonds are given certification and only then it becomes fit for sale. Remember whenever you shop for diamond rings or any other Diamond Jewelry, donít forget to ask about its certification, it is not only your right to ask but also saves you from any possible fraud. When you shop online you can easily check whether the retailer has authentic certification or not as trusted retailers always display such information, and also make efforts to educate prospective consumers.

These certificates are nothing but reports containing complete information about the diamond quality. There are agencies that specialize in calibration, authentication and certification, EGL is one of them, in fact it is a laboratory which uses high end technologies to determine diamond quality, it has modern facilities where every diamond is exposed with stern measures to evaluate cut and grading, it pioneers in examining diamond cuts. EGL is synonym to quality and security, once you buy a diamond with EGL tested diamond certificate, you can be assured of quality and can feel secure as your investment is worthwhile.

Buying a certified diamond is very essential as for a naÔve consumer all diamonds are same be it Z graded or J graded , if you have a authentic certification which clearly states the type of diamond, its cut and other important information like stoneís color, its purity etc, then you can make informed decisions. LIKE EGL there are other labs for grading a diamond GIA being one of them, Gemological Institute of America, is a non profit organization and is very strict about its grading, it is a coveted name among diamond grading laboratories and agencies. It carries out series of processes to ensure that every important aspect of diamond is reviewed. Each under review piece is examined by more than three experts, such strict measures leaves no place for error that is why when GIA issues a report on diamond it is considered to be final authentication. It doesnít matter where you buy your diamond from online or showroom, it matters a lot if it has proper certification or not.

If you buy non-certified diamond then there is possibility that you may get lower grade diamond by paying for higher quality, and you canít get good resale value as your diamond is of poorer quality. It is your right to ask question and information about diamond you wish to purchase. Always ask for certification as they are real proof of quality, word of mouth will not vouch for you. Another important question you should ask is diamondís origin or mine or place it is coming from, usually reputed gemological labs covers this issue.

There are some African countries where diamond mines are under control of rebels and insurgents, they force people to work in diamond mines in inhuman condition, diamond greed is taking lives there that is why diamond from these places are known as blood diamonds, hence such countries or areas or mines are banned to do business. This has been done by creating group of fair dealing countries and this process is known as Kimberly process, it ensures that group members are fair in their business conduct. Do remember to check out this certification when you buy diamond next time.

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